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>>Effective Marketing
Smart Support Effective Marketing
Understand your products, who your customers are, why they buy from you and how to attract more of them. Click for more
>>Sales Growth
Smart Support Sales Growth
Consider the steps that make up your sales process and what you can do to refine them so that you win more business. Click for more
>>Operational Efficiency
Smart Support Operational Efficiency
Explore how your business can operate more efficiently so that you maximise your output and reduce the resources you need.Click for more
>>Optimising People
Smart Support Optimising People
Find out how to develop great teams made up of talented and motivated people working together to achieve their common goals.Click for more
>>Financial Clarity
Smart Support Financial Clarity
Effective business management starts with your financial numbers, make sure you know what they mean and how you can improve them.Click for more

Grant Applications


Click here to read an article that says it all. Small businesses don’t know where to turn for advice and feel that there is even less support with regard to their finances and we understand. 

Today’s small business’ have big financial demands and getting the balance right can be tricky. Our business programmes can help as we look at how to:

Develop simple financial reporting
Improve your business model
Agree budgets forward
Implement simple financial performance measures
Improve your cash flow
Increase your profit
Plan for the future

You may not know that there are a great many grants available to start up and small businesses which might just give you the boost you need to invest in new product development or marketing or other business expenses.

We have experience of making grant applications and know if you are likely to be eligible and what to put in the application to give you the best chance of success.

Why not call us to discuss how a business grant might just be the recipe for success for you.


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