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Smart Support Effective Marketing
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Smart Support Sales Growth
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We have found the advice to be extremely helpful in enabling us with the focus and direction that we needed for our company.

Tim has shown himself to be extremely knowledgeable and experienced in business matters. In addition, he is able to communicate this in a practical and concise way with plenty of examples to help illustrate key points.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tim to any colleagues.

Simon Chambers


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I’d just like to thank you for your help over the last eight months. When we started out our cash flow was very negative, and we were unsure how we could continue. Very quickly you were able to give us guidance which meant that we have now turned the business around, and are now looking at additional investment to grow the business. I recall Vicky being particularly concerned about how given our cash position we would be able to afford to pay you, but in her words “ now it is clear that we couldn’t afford not to engage you”

Thanks again for your help in turning our business around

Jonathon Berg

Managing Director

Blossom Florists

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Thanks very much for bringing significant change to my business.

After 18 years running this business, during which time significant growth had occurred, I found that I was working longer and longer hours for less. I had become a bottleneck to the growth of the business.

What my business needed was to be seen through a fresh pair of eyes, to determine what could be done to improve profitability and to identify how I could reduce the reliance of the business on me, which would have the combined benefit of enabling the business to grow, while giving me some of my life back. You provided that fresh pair of eyes.

Your insight into the issues which were hampering growth in my business, and your clear and simple approach to helping me manage the staff and hold them accountable for their actions has released me from the day to day management of the business, and enabled me to manage the business by exception.

There is still a lot more to do, and I look forward to your help in getting us through the next phase which is the delivery of new systems and processes which will increase efficiency and therefore profit, and giving us the free space to look for new markets to continue the organic growth of the business.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to others who are looking to grow their business.

I look forward to continuing to work with you to develop my business further.

Yours Sincerely

Dave Clark

Managing Director

Vanitorials Ltd

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Just a quick note to say thanks for the time you have spent putting me on the right track with my business.

When we started working together I had a business which was losing money rapidly; I had some issues with some staff and the fact that I had to register for VAT in a retail environment meant that I had additional costs which I had to cover.

Your measured approach to determining what the issues were, and then finding workable solutions which you then helped me to implement,  meant that I went forwards with more confidence.

Of course, during the time we were working together we didn’t necessarily achieve everything we set out to do, but not surprising considering the various events which threw us off course. I can honestly say, however, that if you hadn’t been working with me at that time I believe that I would no longer be in business, as your approach to overcoming the obstacles which came our way was the difference between survival and closure.

Thanks very much for helping me through this difficult time, and I look forward to working again with you in the future.

Kirsty Whitworth

KV Hair and Beauty

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As a small business we found the support and guidance from Smart Support, our business advisor through Growth Accelerator, to be pitched just right. We have taken the advice offered and grown our business substantially using a Tiger loan Smart Support helped us obtain. Our turnover has doubled, our profitability has increased, our management skills have grown and we employ lots more people.  Without the help from Smart Support we wouldn’t have had the confidence to make the big changes we have made and for them to have been so successful.
Sarah Redpath - Leisure King
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I started off by warning you that I was a tradesman and not a businessman, or so I thought. You have managed to make an aged tradesman realise the finer points of being a business owner. You have pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me analyse the detail behind operating a company.

I was initially very sceptical about asking for his help with my business but now I would not hesitate to recommend anyone in a commerical environment to see the assistance and guidance of the Smart fox.

Jon Britter - MD - Britter Technical Services Ltd

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Both myself and co-director had a strong sales background however we did struggle with other areas of the business - particularly cash flow.  We got to know Smart Support via our local networking group and we met up with them to see how they could help.  Right from the start they gave practical advice as well as an easy business process that we could follow; the net result was we could sleep at night knowing we had everything in hand.  Throughout the programme Smart Support were very approachable.  I would absolutely recommend them to a friend.

Julie Squires - Cascade Print Systems

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The business was in a trough and I needed inspiration with my sales and marketing strategy.  I met a business associate who knew Smart Support and recommended having a meeting. It was a real bonus that you didn't know the industry as you were able to ask some searching questions and push my turnover expectations. 

It is great to have you as a trusted mentor who I can bounce ideas off. You have also helped us navigate our way through key business processes, like hiring top level management.  

Since working with you we have set ambitious turnover targets and for the last 2 years we have hit them.  I am in the process of setting up a spin off business and it was gratifying to see you excited about the business plan as I knew it meant it was sound.    

I have already introduced you to another business associate and we have planned that you will mentor the MD I am bringing in to run my new business venture.

Dave Fletcher - White October
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My business seemed to be in the doldrums and I needed to find some more clients. Smart Support brings to my business experience way beyond what most people new to business possess and gives me a head start over my competitors.  They are candid and forthright and gave me instant confidence in myself and my business and, once they had shown me how a P&L sheet worked, we created a significant increase in turnover which I was able to monitor on an on-going basis.

I have recommended Smart Support on several occasions.

Julian Saunders - Pura Design

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"We enjoy working with Smart Support.

They are extremely helpful and proactive in supplying practical ideas, relevant information and strategies that have helped us develop our business particularly around the areas of sales and marketing”

Phillip Hindle - Beresfords

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Doug Harman Testimonial"Setting up what was effectively a new photography business and choosing to work with Smart Support was one of the best choices I could have made as a business owner. Having support, advice and knowledge really helped; from having the correct – and oh so important – “processes” in place, to helping get things up and running, all were invaluable insights I needed.
The learning process around the many aspects of running a business I had missed in the past all really helped me and, add to that their personable manner and charm, made it all the easier too.
Now all that support and business advice has started to pay off as what I have learned is put into practice and turns into business. As a result I can heartily recommend Smart Support's services to all business owners out there that need the same support and help I did” 

Doug Harman - Doug Harman Photography

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“I have relied upon Smart Support and associates to help me develop and grow my business over the last 7yrs. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and business contacts, you owe it to yourself to listen”

David Harding - Hardings Chartered Building Surveyors

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“Smart Support has been guiding me and my business to a 100% improvement in sales and profityear on year and I am expecting this to continue in the years ahead. Having analytical and systemised processes enables me to progress with confidence and knowledge. Smart Support are friendly, frank and honest. If only I had advisors for several areas of my life earlier in my various careers! I highly recommend to every Business owner who wants to fulfill their dreams.” -

Tim Chappell - WPA

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