Case Studies

The diversity of clients that we have worked with is immense. Regardless of the business you are in, the size of your bank balance or the number of staff you have, you as a business owner share similar challenges with others.  Having said that, the solution in each case may need to be different, based on the circumstances you have.

Here at Smart Support, we have worked with hundreds of clients, helping them to grow turnover, increase profitability, improve quality of delivery, enhance staff motivation and in many cases all of those things.

Our clients work with us for many different reasons, but there are two basic themes; either the business is in a difficult place fighting for survival, or it’s just not fulfilling the client’s vision for the future.

Working with you, the business owner, we firstly identify the underlying challenge to be fixed, then we put a plan together in order to achieve it, and then we help you to carry out that plan. Read about some of our past clients who have achieved what they wanted to…..

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SA Crunden & Son

A retail greengrocer, coffee bar, market outlet and delivered greengrocer’s business. Read Case Study

DMS Property Maintenance

A family run property Maintenance Company specialising in repairs, cleaning, grounds care and caretaking. Read Case Study

Pierce Hill Project Services

Established in 1995 Pierce Hill Project Services are a multi-disciplinary professional construction consultancy providing project management, architectural and structural design, contract administration, building surveying and Principal Designer (CDM) services. Read Case Study

Audiovisual company

The owner of an audiovisual cabling company puts the right principles in place to pass the business on within the family Read Case Study

Hair and Beauty Salon

GOALS: To reverse the loss making trend and to grow the business to better profitability BUSINESS IN PROFILE: This business is a hair and beauty salon located above a pharmacy just off a High... Read Case Study

Cleaning Business In Kent

GOALS: Helping the business owner plan and manage growth BUSINESS IN PROFILE: The business owner was really an "employee", working wholly "in" the business with no time to... Read Case Study

Arts & Crafts Importer

  GOALS: To improve the profitability levels of the Business, thus moving it from loss to... BUSINESS PROFILE: An importer of arts and crafts products from China for sale into the education sector Read Case Study

Building Refurbishment Company

GOALS: To solve their continual cashflow crisis which existed despite their books showing a profit, to create an exit strategy for two of the current owners while enabling younger family members... Read Case Study

Clean Cut Gardening Services

GOALS: To grow the business significantly whilst reducing the hours worked to more acceptable levels. BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A Domestic Gardening services business providing, mowing, hedge... Read Case Study

Recruitment Business In Essex

GOALS: To free the business owner from the day to day running of his frenetic business in order to enable it to grow. BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A recruitment consultant who started up on his own after... Read Case Study

Property Maintenance Company in the South East

BUSINESS PROFILE: A family run property Maintenance Company specialising in repairs, cleaning, grounds care and caretaking. GOALS:  To grow the business through diversification of the... Read Case Study

Greengrocers in Kent

GOALS: To improve the profitability levels of the business to move it from loss making to profit making BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A retail greengrocers, coffee bar, market outlet and delivered... Read Case Study

Construction Company

GOALS: To increase profitability and reduce the hours worked by the business owner BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A small construction company doing refurbishments and minor building works, with a strong... Read Case Study
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