Pierce Hill Project Services


Established in 1995 Pierce Hill Project Services are a multi-disciplinary professional construction consultancy providing project management, architectural and structural design, contract administration, building surveying and Principal Designer (CDM) services.


As an established multi-disciplinary consultancy, our new business is generally organic with a high number of existing commercial clients coming back to us time and time again due to the quality of our service provision. 

However, we wanted to develop our services further and to a wider client base, therefore the decision was made to tender new public sector opportunities, but how to manage this without impacting on our existing workloads.


We were relatively well placed for tendering as we had maintained a good database of information from previous opportunities and our professional credentials are well established.  However, we needed someone who would be able to pick this up with the minimum impact to our existing operations to allow us to maintain the focus on the day to day delivery of our services.


Having worked with Smart Support over many years and knowing their skills they were able to develop the tendering process making it more efficient and improving the quality of our responses.  Utilising our existing information together with their experiences they were able to submit our tender returns in a timely and professional manner.


We now have an efficient and effective tendering process that allows us to target opportunities that are important to us whilst also maintaining a focus on day to day service delivery.

“What was particularly impressive how quickly they were able to establish what we do and how we would deliver the projects being tendered, putting them in a way that was easily readable and included all our key skills and experience” Peter Rowe Managing Director.


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