Coming out of Lockdown - Business Considerations

There is no doubt that Covid-19 has changed our world both today and for the foreseeable future. On so many levels we are facing situations and events we have never prepared for. The lockdown of large parts of society means we now have to look at how we conduct our lives in new ways.

More than that, as we prepare for our businesses to rise like phoenix from the ashes of lockdown, there are so many things to think about; where to start? Check out our video which runs through the checklist of the 7 key areas of your business you need to look at coming out of lockdown here 

·        Is the service I offered still viable in this new world?

·        How can I afford to bring this business out of lockdown?

·        Will the business be the same as before?

·        When do I bring all my staff back?

·        How do I comply with the requirements of post lockdown rules?

·        How do I market my business when I don’t know what I can offer?

·        How do I get back in touch with my customers?

·        When is the best time to start my business up again?

·        How do I operate when I can’t meet my customer?

One thing is for guaranteed; nothing is guaranteed any more. For many this will be a bit like starting up again, unsure whether the offering we have is still in demand, and needing investment, innovation and finance in order to get moving again.

Here at the Smart Support we have been thinking hard about the steps which any business might need to follow to get back on an even keel, and we’ve built a checklist to help you to think through the steps in a logical order, to give you clarity of vision and confidence that you have a working plan going forwards.

If you want to talk through your particular circumstance, give us a call.

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