So you have got a plan; now what do you do with it?

Now, granted, the last couple of years have made putting a plan together a bit of a task, as we never knew what was going to happen next. So does that means we shouldn’t have a plan?

Of course not.

It just means that when we monitor the results against the plan on a regular basis we identify more variables which need to be included, and we probably need to make more adjustments to the plan. And then monitor progress against the amended plan…

Without a plan the business is a bit like a ship in a heavy sea without a compass, rolling with the waves and losing direction.

But what about a ship which has a compass, but nobody gets to use it….?

The important thing here is to use the tools we have to make the adjustments we need. And that way we stay somewhere close to where we want to be.

So, here’s a question for you.

It’s now March, coming up to the end of the Financial Year for many, but for many who run a calendar year plan coming to the end of the first quarter. So that means that if you’re on plan (budget) you’re one quarter of the way to the year’s target.

So did you achieve your first quarter’s target?

If you did, give yourself a pat on the back, avoid sitting back on your laurels, review the plan for the rest of the year and adjust it to make sure you stay on plan based on the knowledge you now have at your fingertips which wasn’t there when you started the year.

If you’re not, then take the time over Easter to review your plans and work out what you need to do to get back on track.

If you don’t have a plan, why not?

If you need some help to put a plan together then just give us a call for a free initial consultation.

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