What does 2023 hold for you?

It’s interesting that for many businesses which have survived the last year or so the last few months have been extremely busy; speaking to business owners as we do quite a few have reflected that time has rushed by and they’re struggling to keep up. Of course some businesses are still just getting by, but in doing so they have also found that there are new challenges

Challenges like:

·        Coping with the increase of demand, brought about perhaps by the demise of competitors over the last few months

·        Keeping customers happy despite the inability to get supplies of goods due to product shortages

·        Reduction of choice for many products as a result of suppliers rationalising their ranges by necessity

·        The impact of Ukraine and everything that goes with it on the economy and supply, and the vestiges of the impact of Brexit and the pandemic.

·        Shortages of staff as the size of the workforce depletes and recruiting becomes more difficult

This time of year is when a lot of business owners are thinking of their plans for next year. Perhaps putting budgets together and marketing plans, capital projects and so on. All of that needs to happen, but whereas last year business owners focussed on survival, this year it’s time to start thinking about growth and profit again. Except that the baseline is different from where we were even last year:

·        There are still Bounceback and Business Interruption loans to service

·        Demand has changed as a result of the social and economic changes we have all experienced

·        Greater pressure on businesses to do more to protect the environment

·        The cost profile for many businesses has changed.

So, before we can plan for the coming year, we need to re-examine what we’re trying to achieve, and then translate that into our forward plan. We need to re-assess our goals.

Where to start? Well, right here. Check out our Goal Setting Worksheet to help you determine what you want your goals to be. And if you’re still unsure, get in touch and we’ll help.

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