How Fit is Your Business?

How Fit is Your Business?HOW FIT IS YOUR BUSINESS?

If you woke up one morning with a headache and the headache was still there by early evening it’s a fair bet you’d go to the doctor...

If your car started making loud banging noises and then stalled and you couldn’t start it up again, you’d probably get a mechanic to take a look...

If your boiler packed up, well, time to call the plumber...

If your business isn’t performing as you want it to...then what?

Over the last 6 months we have conducted many Business Reviews where we diagnose the issues which are crippling many small businesses.


Whilst conducting a business health check with the owner of a construction related business we found that the owner’s average take home pay equated to an hourly rate of just £6!!

The statistics? He was taking a net ‘wage’ of £2,000 per month in exchange for the 80+ hours per week he spent working in his business. Scraping just two weeks ’holiday’ per year (although he checked his emails each day and called the office to check everything was ‘ok’) the poor guy was putting in 4,000 hours per year – oh, that excludes the time spent worrying about how to pay the VAT bill, where the next piece of work is coming from, etc.

During his Health Check we identified a number of strategies which the business owner was able to implement straight away, giving him his life back!

For example, there never seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. Symptoms? You, the business owner, works ever longer hours to frustration of family and friends and find your work / life balance...well, isn’t.

Or maybe there’s a continual cash flow crisis – money just haemorrhages from the business all the time. Usual symptom? Robbing Peter to pay Paul is just a way of life.

And “the team” sometimes feels more like the enemy within. And the symptoms? As the business owner you feel “it’s quicker if I do it all myself”...although you often wonder why your hourly rate is the lowest of everyone who works in your business.


Another recent BusinessReview was with the owner of a cash strapped promotional gifts business who was struggling to pay his debts. We revealed that the company’s debtor days (the days taken for customers to pay their invoices) exceeded the creditor days (the number of days taken by the business to pay invoices received from suppliers) by a margin of 3 to 2! No wonder money felt tight!

It was an easy problem for us to solve.

Having worked with many business owners to date, Smart Support advisors have the skills and expertise to help business owners not only greatly improve business performance but also build the lifestyle they want.

And the first step is not only simple, it’s FREE!

At Smart Support we see businesses as rather like a jigsaw, so imagine if you could pull your business apart like a jigsaw puzzle, analyse every little piece, improve it and then put them all back together, so your business works hard instead of YOU...

That’s what our Business Review helps business owners like you do.

How does it work? All you need to do is click here to see if you qualify for the opportunity to spend time with your local Smart Support advisor seeing just how fit your business is.

It’s FREE. What have you got to lose?

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