Property Maintenance Company in the South East

A family run property Maintenance Company specialising in repairs, cleaning, grounds care and caretaking.


To grow the business through diversification of the customer base, improving profitability and making the business less reliant on the owner.


The business was profitable and had a turnover in the region of £250 k per annum, however it was exposed as they only really had one client who accounted for 95 % of the turnover and continuity of this contract was through tender meaning there was no guarantee it would continue. Cash flow was poor and the owners had no timely information through which to run and, as importantly, plan their business. Finally the key owner was overworked and stressed by the business.


The Business’s cash flow was assessed and, as a consequence, processes were put in place to control the debt with their key client dramatically improving cash collection. At the same time suppliers and sub-contractors terms were renegotiated and terms extended. KPI’s were put in place and a rolling 8 week cash flow forecast on a weekly basis introduced so the owners became in control.

Management reports were introduced on a monthly basis that significantly improved transparency of the financial performance of the Business.

Regular weekly department meetings were introduced, as were formal monthly management meetings.

For existing clients, sales processes were put in place to encourage operational staff to up-sell.

For prospective clients, sales and marketing processes were formulated to identify the right prospects, turn them into leads and then take them through the sales process in a systematic way so as to maximise the prospects of success.

Written processes were put in place across all areas of the business so that there is uniformity of effective business practice driving the business forward.


Sales have grown in 18 months by 300 %

Net profits in the same period have increased by 400 %

The business now has 3 major clients thus reducing the risks should any one client withdraw their business

Overheads as a proportion of sales have been materially reduced.

Cash flow is positive and strong.

The owners are now in control and no longer stressed by the business and are beginning to look at other opportunities and ventures outside of their core business ness, thus enabling more informed decisions to be made going forward.

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