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In two previous articles, Why Cash-Flow Outranks Profit and Cash In A Crisis we highlighted how important managing your cash flow is. It is also important to realise that when a successful business grows it often places more pressure on cash flow which can lead to business failure, even though at a profit and loss level the business is successful. In fact, it is poor cash flow rather than a lack of profitability that leads to the many of the hundreds of thousands of business deaths seen every year in the UK!

So what do you do to ensure that you are not one of these dying businesses? It certainly isn’t, as we see so many business owners do, to put more and more money into your business without fixing the underlying problems. First you have to identify the issues causing your cash shortage, understand what your business needs to look like and then put in place the measures to deliver these changes. Of course it may be that you need to increase funding in the short term whilst these changes take effect, but only when you have remodelled the business, otherwise you could simply be throwing good money after bad.

The answer is also not as complicated as you might think. Effectively there are only five basic elements to managing your cash flow. These are:

1) The level of gross profit you make on sales (sales revenue less the direct cost of sales)
2) The level of debt you are owed by others and the speed at which this is paid
3) The level of debt you owe to others and the speed at which this is paid
4) The levels of stock you hold and the speed at which you rotate it
5) The level of overheads you pay every month and the speed in which you pay them

The key then is to taking these five elements and refining them in such a way as to build a model for your business allowing it to function effectively and within agreed funding levels. This will give it the capacity for growth ensuring that these vital elements of your business work effectively and in harmony to build a cash generative business rather than one that always seems to require you to put more and more money in.

So what changes should you make? Well there are many and it depends on the individual circumstances of your business but, for example, you could:

1) To improve gross profit increase selling prices, reduce cost prices, reduce direct costs, lower quality of goods, etc.
2) To improve the level of debt you are owed, shorten payment terms, improve debt collection process, reduce credit limits, etc.
3) To improve the level of debts you owe, extend payment terms, reduce ordering quantities, reduce lead times, etc
4) To reduce the level of stock, reduce lead times, reduce order quantities, buy locally, implement minimum and maximum stock levels, reduce numbers of lines, etc.
5) To reduce the level of overheads, reduce staffing levels, shop around for utilities, negotiate better terms, manage waste better, etc.

As you can see there is plenty that can be done to improve cash flow, the secret is knowing what the model is, what specifically to do and then putting in place systems, processes and KPI’s to ensure:

a) It is done
b) It is monitored, and
c) ongoing improvements to the model are continuously made.

If you would like to understand your financial model a little better why not take advantage of our FREE Finance Review where we come along and spend a couple of hours of our time understanding your business, it’s financial challenges and explain how we help you solve them. Simply email or call and we will do the rest.

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What we do..

Our tried and trusted programmes enable you to review your business and put in place systematic improvements that will enable you to build a successful business.

We can work with you on a 1-2-1 basis or with a number of your team who will benefit from our workshops and programmes to ensure your business is directed towards your goals. 

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Very quickly you were able to give us guidance which meant that we have now turned the business around.Jonathon Berg, MD Blossom Florists
What my business needed was to be seen through a fresh pair of eyes, to determine what could be done to improve profitability and to identify how I could reduce the reliance of the business on me, which would have the combined benefit of enabling the business to grow, while giving me some of my life back. You provided that fresh pair of eyes.Dave Clark, MD, Vanitorials Ltd
We find you very useful in our quest for business growth. Its great to have someone independent to help us with new ideas and tactics.Joanna Ray – Manager QS Support
Thank you. An amazing service! Your sessions are giving us direction and confidence with our new businessCaroline Maresca & Ellie Cachia – Owners Renowned Resourcing
For the first time, I feel that I have ‘a partner’ helping me to look at the business with fresh eyes; for many years I was working in it to the point of exhaustion and frustration. I am beginning to get the work-life balance in place.Pauline Wilkinson - Owner Tutoristic
You have been of great assistance to me in the development of Gilmartins from a £6m business when we first met to our current circa £20m turnover.Terry Gilmartin - Managing Director Gilmartin
You have been of support to me particularly through the transition period from an outside service provider to inhouse delivery, giving me the support, knowledge and tools to be able to manage the maintenance of the facilities. I highly recommend your services and support to all.Nicholas Shaw Centre Manager - Three Hills Sports Park
You gave us the tools and confidence to be effective in tendering.Fiona Senior – Managing Director DMS Property Maintenance
Tendering - What was particularly impressive was the way you were able to establish what we do and how we would deliver the project, putting it in a way that was easily readable and included all our key skills and experience.Peter Rowe - Managing Director, Pierce Hill Project Services
Thank you for the time you have spent putting me on the right track with my business.Kirsty Whitworth - KV Hair and Beauty
You have pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me analyse the detail behind operating a company, mand then showed me how to do itJon Britter - Britter Technical Services
Our turnover has doubled, our profitability has increased, our management skills have grown and we employ lots more people.Sarah Redpath - Leisure King
You grasped an in-depth understanding of my business and most importantly what I wanted from the business. With that in mind, you were able to help us build and implement effective robust financial processes that allowed us to plan for a sustainable business expansion.James Tutton - Chelmsford Removals
Both myself and my co-director had a strong sales background however we did struggle with other areas of the business - particularly cash flow. Right from the start you gave practical advice as well as an easy business process that we could follow; the net result was we could sleep at night knowing we had everything in hand.Julie Squires - Cascade Print Systems
The business was in a trough and I needed inspiration with my sales and marketing strategy. I met a business associate who knew Smart Support and recommended having a meeting. It was a real bonus that you didn't know the industry as you were able to ask some searching questions and push my turnover expectations. Dave Fletcher - White October
My business seemed to be in the doldrums and I needed to find some more clients. Smart Support brings to my business experience way beyond what most people new to business possess and gives me a head start over my competitors. T Julian Saunders - Pura Design
We enjoy working with Smart Support. They are extremely helpful and proactive in supplying practical ideas, relevant information and strategies that have helped us develop our business particularly around the areas of sales and marketing Phillip Hindle - Beresfords Accountants
Setting up what was effectively a new photography business and choosing to work with Smart Support was one of the best choices I could have made as a business owner. Having support, advice and knowledge really helped; from having the correct – and oh so important – “processes” in place, to helping get things up and running, all were invaluable insights I needed.Doug Harman - Doug Harman Photography
I have relied upon Smart Support and associates to help me develop and grow my business over the last 7yrs. I have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and business contacts, you owe it to yourself to listenDavid Harding - Hardings Chartered Building Surveyors
When you started helping with my business we were in trouble and I was seriously exploring administration. 12 months on, we still here and making a small profit. Some of the advice has been difficult to take, but the changes we made have helped and I now believe we will turn the business around, although there is still much to do. Without you I can guarantee we wouldn’t be here now unless we had won the lottery. I think you have been the best thing that ever happened to Art2go and have become a good friend!Ian Biggs - Art2Go(UK) Ltd
You are shrewd, smart and highly experienced in the ways of business. This is combined with a passion for helping your clients develop their businesses integrally. We have worked together in a number of capacities recently and I have found you to be direct yet caring, and an excellent business partner and advisor.Paul Bourdillon - Irun Canterbury
Smart Support has been guiding me and my business to a 100% improvement in sales and profit year on year and I am expecting this to continue in the years ahead. Tim Chappell - WPA
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