Recruitment Business In Essex

GOALS: To free the business owner from the day to day running of his frenetic business in order to enable it to grow.

BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A recruitment consultant who started up on his own after working in the industry for a number of years, found himself trapped by a specific contract with a large client, which prevented him from growing his business.

THE CHALLENGES: The business can only make as much money as the business owner can service, as he is doing all of the work. Worse, this business was taking up all of the business owner’s time, so no life, just work. The existing contract is not achieving a good revenue rate.

THE STRATEGIES: The first step was to understand what tasks the client could relinquish to someone else, and then to develop the measure to give the client confidence that he could “let go”.

The tasks were defined clearly and measures put in place to ensure that the client knew exactly how well the process was going.

This relieved the client from his high workload which gave him time to define what his product offering was, to define the clients he was looking for and to find a marketing person to work with him to start marketing to those prospects.

THE OUTCOMES: The business now has a clear direction and the whole organisation is aligned towards sales targets. The owner gets his life back at weekends, and has reduced the effort involved in servicing the one large client he started with by 15%. By marketing elsewhere he will be able to reduce his reliance on that client, and then to price it to better reflect the value he is providing. The opportunity to grow the business is a clear and open path.

“Your insight into the issues which were hampering growth in my business, and your clear and simple approach to releasing me from the day to day activities enabled me to find time to do the other things which the business needed”

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