Duct Tape Marketing

Most marketing books say the same basic things using different analogies, stories, etc. Duct Tape Marketing, along with Seth Godin's books are good examples of this. What they teach is nothing new, and that's fine as long as you understand there aren't any miracles cures when it comes to a successful marketing campaign. There's only testing, making adjustments, and then keeping what sticks and getting rid of the rest. The reason marketing will never really change is because people never really change, either. What changes is how creative we can be in our presentation - making old things seem new.

If you buy Duct Tape Marketing and follow what it says, testing as you go... you can have good success.  Most people, however, are looking for a magic bullet. As a result, they jump from book to book and course to course with a "slot machine" mentality. Avoiding this is will make your journey to the top much easier.

Test and Measure, Test and Measure.....
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