Clean Cut Gardening Services

GOALS: To grow the business significantly whilst reducing the hours worked to more acceptable levels.

BUSINESS IN PROFILE: A Domestic Gardening services business providing, mowing, hedge cutting and general maintenance.

THE CHALLENGES:  The business had been in operation for seven years but was not growing, whilst the owner was only earning a ‘wage’ the business and was becoming disenchanted with the prospect that ‘this is it’.

THE STRATEGIES: A full review of pricing, market and competition was undertaken and a systemised marketing system was implemented. Systems were then put in place to manage the growth including recruitment systems and operational manuals.

THE OUTCOMES: Sales and the ‘wages’ have doubled over a six month period. The owner no longer works on the tools and is focusing his time on growing the business by adding new towns to his portfolio. Attention has also shifted to the prospect of franchising the business.

In his words...

‘If you had told me 6 months ago I would be here, I would never have believed you, thankyou’

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