Practical Accounts and Bookkeeping In Easy Steps

Alex Byrne worked for HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) for 23 years and was a senior Inspector of Taxes. He began his own tax consultancy business in 1997. He has been helping people with their tax and accountancy problems ever since, dealing with HMRC tax investigations, HMRC driven insolvencies, Capital Gains Tax problems, PAYE and Minimum National Wage settlements and any problem that anyone has with tax and HMRC. He assists with a small accountancy practice and over the years has seen people get into difficulties with Companies House and HMRC often as a result of poor record keeping and failing to meet deadlines.


Practical Accounts and Bookkeeping provides assistance for anyone unfamiliar to accounts either already in the business world or waiting for that crucial moment to enter it. From understanding accounts and why they are important, the legal documents required to prepare accounts, what happens if accounts are not submitted in time and when accounts need to be sent to authorities, to the more complex scenarios of creating a balance sheet using sales ledgers, purchase ledgers and nominal ledgers, this book shows you how in easy to follow steps.
This book will help you make sense of the 'daunting' accounts world. Maybe you will be the one spotting problems in the accounts and explaining them to others using the correct terminology! You will even understand Double Entry bookkeeping, and its importance, alongside how computer software has been designed to simplify the processes.
This book is certain to help non-accountants understand their businesses finances, assisting in making your company as successful as possible.

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