Understanding Business Accounting for Dummies

Balance your budget, boost your profit margin and enhance your career profile Whether you′re a small business owner or a corporate manager with budgeting responsibilities, a solid grasp of business accounting is indispensable. This updated 3rd edition of the UK′s top–selling introduction to business accounting is the quickest, easiest way to get up to speed on all the essentials. In plain English, authors Tracy and Barrow tell you what you need to know to evaluate profit margins, work up budgets, monitor cash flow, write financial reports and use accounting information to make smarter financial decisions. Make sense of financial statements – learn all about the Profit and Loss Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement Manage by numbers – discover planning and control techniques to help you manage more effectively, including building a profit model, budgeting, calculating the cost of stock and fixed assets, alternative accounting methods and much more Read between the lines – look at accounting reporting from an investor′s and loan officer′s point–of–view, including tips on how to read and analyse financial statements Survive an audit – understand the role auditors play, including clear explanations of the scope of the annual audit, what to look for in an auditor′s report and how to use the information to improve your accounting systems Get the biggest bang for your technology buck – get the lowdown on the latest business accounting tech, with tips on choosing the best software for your needs Open the book and find: Quick tips on reading financial reports How to evaluate profit margins –and how to boost them Easy–to–follow methods for working up budgets Advice on controlling profit and cash flow Guidance on stemming losses Simple steps to manage inventory Tips on surviving an audit The latest business accounting software explained Learn to: Get a grip on financial statements Find your way around the balance sheet and profit and loss account Choose the right accounting method Budget with confidence



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