Business Habits for Increased Productivity and Sustained Success

This book will show you:
  • Being an Innovator - Including four mindsets that limit the potential of your business and a business habit that will enhance your innovative ability
  • How to set SMART goals - Including ways to create short-term goals from your long-term goals and an activity to help you get started with SMART goals
  • How to move from procrastination to productivity
  • Organization and prioritization skills with simple workplace organization tips for better productivity
  • Managing your team - bonus habits for sustained success
This book will introduce you to a process that begins with your own personal development and moves outward into workplace productivity. You will identify and begin to practice some of the essential habits for lasting improvement in productivity. Don't forget, however, that success, just like productivity, is an ongoing experience. You have to fight for it every single day, and prove that you deserve it more than anything. This book is a great step in that direction.
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