Pauline Wilkinson - Owner Tutoristic

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I met you about a year ago when I attended a series of ‘Smart Support’ workshops, which are delivered to small businesses. I was looking for direction with my business, which was coming into its third year, full-time; I am a ‘Sole Trader’.

Once the workshops were completed, I was given the opportunity to have 12, 1-1 coaching sessions. During this period, you recognised many areas to be addressed - the first objective was identified and to fulfil this goal, the first step was to improve my cash-flow immediately by adjusting my prices. This was not a comfortable step; the change however, made an immediate difference to my cash-flow. 

For the first time, I feel that I had ‘a partner’ in business helping me to look at the business with fresh eyes; for many years I was working in it to the point of exhaustion and frustration. I am beginning to get the work-life balance in place, and my ducks in a row.

ou are patient; you listen to me and question my objectives; you've noted what my future plans for the business are and we’ve discussed whether they are smart and attainable. You leave me with homework after each session, which more importantly focuses my thoughts. 

I am looking forward to maintaining this coaching relationship and watching my business grow from strength to strength, whereby in the future I can put processes in place and create a business that stands on its own whether I’m there or not. 

I have also recommended you to other small businesses.

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