Our fun informal and interactive workshops combine training, development, motivation and planning, and can be either delivered on standalone subjects or grouped together to deliver a wide range of support across all aspects of running a business.

Designed to address the key challenges many small businesses face, they provide deliverable solutions which can be taken straight back into your business for immediate improvement and the interactive approach encourages the development of both your business and the people within it to deliver sustainable business improvement.

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SMART Business Vision and Growth

Have you lost sight of why you started your business and what you were hoping to achieve?

We will help you refocus and lay out your goals for yourself and your business and show you how to monitor to see whether you are on target.

    • Setting your goals
    • Understanding accounts
    • The importance of budgeting
    • Refining your business model

SMART Marketing

Any business needs to have a marketing strategy and plan to deliver success.  Together we will explore where your business currently is, look at where you would like it to be and how you can achieve this through a focused 10 step approach.

We will:

  • Clarify your offering and where it stands in the market
  • Identify your target market and how to meet their needs
  • Understand your pricing strategy
  • Agree on marketing goals and the strategies to deliver
  • Understand marketing spend and how to measure success 


Are you good at converting the leads you create?  Are you happy with your conversion process?  Have you got a sales process which maximises your sales and can be trained to your sales team? 

Our  sales workshop helps you develop your sales process and manage your salespeople.

  • Introducing the sales process
  • Structuring sales meetings
  • Tele-selling tips
  • Sales KPI’s and their importance

SMART Leadership & Management

If you or your management team have not had sufficient training or built up the experience to enable you to manage your people and build successful teams, this  is for you. Our systematic approach will give you an understanding of how to be an inspirational leader and effective manager to deliver the business plans, growth and success your business deserves.

You will develop your:

  • Leadership & management styles
  • Effective communication
  • Building a team

SMART Tenders and Contracts

Tendering for Success helps businesses understand how they can be effective in this key area which with Government initiatives encouraging public bodies to spend locally is becoming increasingly important.  Together we will review how you can find the market opportunities and techniques to ensure that your business is best placed to competitively tender.

This will help you to develop your:

  • Understanding of the tendering market
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Develop your unique selling points
  • Managing the prequalifying & tendering process
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